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For Youth & Adults: From the Drum to BeBop
During 2017, we are celebrating the legacy of Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk.  Our inter-generational series - For Youth & Adults: From the Drum to BeBop - is designed to introduce young people to jazz culture.We're connecting with local Boy Scouts who are interested in receiving their Music Merit Badges as one objective of the series and have decided to use it for non-scout youth as well. Once completed, we will present youth with a certificate. Interested? Below are our Spring 2017 planned series:

Sunday, 2/26/2017
2:00 PM
The Art of Listening to Jazz (Series launch date)
@ Francis A Gregory Library presented by Nasar Abadey

This workshop will offer an interactive discussion on how to develop a skill set for listening and understanding the jazz idiom. The emphasize will be on what to listen for, how to comprehend, and what occurs during the process of improvisation. The focus will be directed toward understanding the musical contributions of leading jazz artists throughout the history of this music.
Sunday, 3/5/2017
2:00 PM

African Sources: From the Drum to Be Bop
Francis A Gregory Library presented by Melvin Deal
This workshop will explore the connection between the music of the African drum and modern jazz as an improvised music artform.

Saturday, 3/18/2017
2:00 PM
Ella Infusion: A Ella Fitzgerald Tribute from an Hip Hop Perspective
@ Benning Library
presented by Dior Ashley Brown

Ella Fitzgerald was fearless, her hypnotizing “scats,” are one of the many things patrons admired about her performance and her beautiful sound. Dior Ashley Brown's performance/workshop will offer Ella in Hip Hop poetic verse, living in the moment.
Saturday, 4/1/2017
2:00 PM
Meadows plays Monk: A Pianist’s Perspective
@ UDC JAZZ Recital Studio
presented by Mark Meadows
Awarded best album and composer of 2016 as well as artist of the year in 2014 by Washington City Paper, pianist Mark Meadows performs and explains the revolutionary music of Thelonius Monk on Monk's centennial.
Saturday, 4/15/2017
2:00 PM

Jazz Education: Jazz Camps and Year-round Classes
@ Francis A Gregory Library
presented by Paul Carr, Carl Grubbs and Reginald Cyntje

In the Washington and Baltimore region jazz education is offered in locally based middle/high schools, colleges/universities, private lessions and year-round and summer camps.  This workshop will explore both year-round and summer camp opportunites.

Saturday, 4/29/2017
2:00 PM

Night Bird Song: Thomas Chapin Film
@ Benning Library
presented by
Stephanie J. Castillo
Night Bird Song: Thomas Chapin Film  reveals Chapin's musical ascension and steadfast spiritual journey and sometimes perplexing sides of his personal life. Stephanie Castillo, the filmmaker, will lead a conversation about the film.

Saturday, 5/13/2017
2:00 PM

The Write Kind of Jazz Workshop
@ Francis A Gregory Library
presented by Louise V Gray
Utilizing jazz music and jazz lingo as frameworks, The Write Kind of Jazz Workshop will explore the written word as in poetry, essays, rap, fiction, and related genre. Originality of expression through writing exercises encourages creativity among the participants.The final exercise will be oral presentations of participants work which may be accompanied by recorded jazz music.

Saturday, 5/27/2017
2:00 PM

Be Bop by John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie 
@ Francis A Gregory Library
presented by
Freddie Dunn
During June's EAST RIVER JAZZFest trumpeter Freddie Dunn's ensemble will perform Birks Works - Dizzy Gillespie in Music and Life, an introduction to Diz via personal anecdotes, readings, and musical performances of tunes that he composed or that were closely associated with him. Mr. Dunn's workshop will offer a preview to the planning and preparation required for a jazz performance.

Saturday, 6/10/2017
2:00 PM

Jazz From a African-Latin Perspective
@ Anacostia Community Museum
presented by Pepe Gonzalez
It was in the 1940's that “Latin Jazz” had its introduction within the Bebop era when Dizzy Gillespie incorporated Chano Pozo, the great Cuban percussionist, into the prominent music of that time. Bassist Pepe Gonzalez will explore how Africanism, in what some people call Latin Music, is expressed in Jazz music.

Saturday, 6/24/2017
2:00 PM

Jazz Criticism: Nat Hentoff's Jazz Journey (Series end date)
@ Francis A Gregory Library
presented by vernard r gray
This conversation will review the careers of Nat Hentoff, jazz critic with New York's Village Voice, from 1958 to 2008 and Hollie West. jazz and culture critic at the Washington Post from 1967 through 1981. Hentoff produced Washington Post opinion columns from September 1999 through January 2000. 

a conversation with Hollie West