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Tiya! -  Ella Fitzgerald and the Big Band

As a young child I was privy to listening to all of the great jazz musicians.  My father was a great connoisseur of music so I grew up listening to it all.  From Billie Holiday to Sarah, Dinah, Joe Williams, Carmen McCrae, Harry Belafonte, Duke Ellington, Louie Armstrong, to name a few.

My favorite was Ella Fitzgerald whose voice was so melodic and soothing that I was enchanted by it.  I used to play her songs over and over, backing the records up, imitating ever word, sound, breathe, she took.   I love Ella anywhere you put her, but the most exciting is to hear her with the Big Band.

I would like to sing some of the songs that Ella performed that will include songs from the big bands of Cole Porter, Count Bassie, Duke Ellington and George and Ira Gershwin.  It would be an incredible evening of ballads, bebop, swing, and scatting, with my own twist on the greatness of Ella.  

The Capitol All Stars Big Band, under the direction of Bobby Felder, are all in their own right, consummate musicians who I am honored and blessed to share the stage with.  I am quite certain that the audience would receive a high degree of perfection worthy of Ella’s standards as well as the powerful musician pioneers who came before us.

Ella Fitzgerald and the Big Band

Vocalist:  Tiya!

Musicians: Bobby Felder and the Capitol All Stars Big Band, featuring:


Herb Scott, Alto Sax

Bob Montgomery, Alto Sax

Ben Sands, Tenor Sax

Lorenz Wheatley, Baritone Sax

Alvin Trask, Trumpet

Keith Mathis, Trumpet

Michael Thomas, Trumpet

Douglas Gilchrist, Trombone

Chuck Carthan, Trombone

Bobby Felder, Trombone

Vince Smith, Piano

David Cole, Guitar

Wes Biles, Bass

Ron Compton, Drums

Song List could include 6-8 of the following songs (depending on set length):

·        After You’ve Gone

·        April in Paris

·        Clap hands Here Come’s Charlie

·        Cry Me A River

·        How High the Moon

·        I Ain’t Got nothing but the Blues

·        I’m beginning to See the Light

·        It Don’t Mean a Thing

·        Let’s Do it

·        Love is Here to Stay

·        Mac the Knife

·        Make Me Rainbows

·        Round Midnight

·        Solitude

·        Too Darn Hot

·        You’ve Changed

·        Jersey Bounce